Can Fish Oil Make You Slim?

I was overweight few years ago, I would try anything to make me lose weight and look slim. When I found the cold truth that most weight loss solutions don’t necessarily do what they claim, I started to research more before I spend money and time on products on the net. When I researched fish oil affects on weight loss, there were mixed results about the effectiveness of fish oil. Some sources reported that fish oil is extremely effective and others reported otherwise.

Results from 2007 study made by American Institute of Medicinal Nutrition reports that, fish oil combined with exercise boosts weight loss process. In report they concluded that omega-3 fatty acids reduces insulin release sensitivity, which increases the rate fat is consumed for energy, thus increasing the metabolism. Many blogs that promote fish oil for weight loss reference to this study and claim that fish oil will do miracles, but if it sounds to good to be true, I found that it probably is. With more research I found a more recent study that these websites didn’t know about (or they didn’t want to). This study was a 2010 study published by MedlinePlus, special devision of American Institute of Medical Nutrition.

Recent Studies

Now another study from American Institute of Medicinal Nutrition three years later (2010), conversely reported that fish oil with combination of exercise helped subjects lost weight but not by significant amounts. This makes more sense to me. Don’t get discouraged though, even though omega-3 fatty acids don’t directly affect weight loss, the individuals are healthier and better off taking them with combination of exercise than those who don’t. Must Know Fish Oil Benefits and Side effects explains many benefits you can get from taking fish oil.

One of the most useful benefits of taking fish oil is that it reduces triglyceride level. High triglyceride level is associated with heart disease. I found that all fish oil dose recommendations are anecdotal and it depends varies from person to person. Avoid fish oil if you are taking blood thinning medication such as aspirin, taking more than 3 grams of fish oil may lead to nose bleeds. Upset stomach and nausea are common symptoms, to reduce the effects of these symptoms I take my supplements after my meal.


Fish oil won’t have any significant effects on weight loss but its clear for me that the various health benefits that provides your body is well worth the investment. There are many brands of fish oil you can buy, here I listed three purest fish oil brands that I have used with high potency DHA/EPA. Fish oil has no known deleterious side effects and therefore I highly recommend fish oil as part of a healthy diet but don’t be fooled its no magic pill.