Blood Cord Banking: An Option for Your Family?

I was expecting our first child when I was first presented with the idea of umbilical cord blood banking. I knew a little bit about stem cell research at that time and had heard that research with umbilical cord blood was especially promising in some areas. However, with a new house and a new baby on the way, the time it would take to research whether this was something we wanted to do as well as the cost we knew would be involved kept us from seriously considering the brochures that found their way into our home.

Now, six years later, if I could go back to that time, I would have considered the option of umbilical cord blood banking much more seriously. Though I am blessed with healthy children, I have seen firsthand the devastation and heartache a family can go through when a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The reality is that even though stem cell research is still in its infancy, there have been very promising results in treating a number of diseases, and that number continually grows as the research advances.There is, of course, cost involved. However, there are companies that offer competitive pricing.

One such company, Stemcyte, offers payment packages, competitive pricing, and special discounts to special groups such as military veterans and health care professionals. Stemcyte is also licensed and accredited by four different associations, ensuring that if you make the investment, your child’s umbilical cord blood will be stored safely and will be readily available should it ever be needed.

One of the last things new and expectant parents want to think about is the idea that they or their baby could someday be diagnosed with a devastating illness. It is worth considering, though, that if that “someday” ever found its way to your family’s doorstep, umbilical cord banking could prove to be a life-saving measure.