The Key To Healing Depression Hurts

When depression hurts, it can swing either way. It can jolt a person out of the depression, or it can get worse and develop into severe depression. There are hundreds of tragic stories about people who have been unable to handle the depression hurts. The pain can be debilitating in the sense that it prevents you from doing things you normally would do. It stops you from being happy and enjoying life. It is toxic enough to claim your life, if you allow it to.

Just like a man named Bill who had it all – car, house, career, money, and girl. Then, the girl left, and he fell apart. He lost all interest in everything. Suddenly, his life had no meaning. When we lose the people or person we love the most, and we are filled with regret and remorse, the usual sequence of events will be depression and then recovery. In the case of Bill, he never went past depression. The depression hurts too much and he ended taking his own life. He committed suicide.

The story does not end there, tragic though it already is. The problem became compounded because his mother fell into a deep depression for months. His siblings had a hard time in school and dealing with the taunts and teasing. His father also got depressed and began to fear the whispers from the people around him, and the ex-girlfriend refused to start any relationship for fear of hurting another person that way. So many lives changed because of depression.

If you are feeling down, and you can’t seem to shake it off, talk to someone. If your family or friends are hard to find or live too far away, go see a doctor and get a test for depression. There are ways to stop falling into despair. Look for signs that show you are being negative about everything, and see no reason to smile or laugh.