Live your life normally even after an incurable STD

There is nothing more private than sex. The privacy of your partner, your own sexual behavior, and the entire act remains wrapped up in mutual trust. It is a delicate matter that can become complex when both partners are not honest with each other. If you or one of your partners decides to go for STD testing and finds out that you or they have contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease, the result to your health- physical, sexual and emotional- could be chaotic. The lack of honesty here should not be blamed on the partner. There is a chance that they did not know. There are, after all, other ways to be infected with an STD. Here, the responsibility of being honest lies with you. Now it is up to you to be safe and to make sure that your partner is safe as well.

In case of an incurable STD, the sense of betrayal and frustration of being diseased by something avoidable is natural. You start thinking of yourself as unclean, unfit for society, or you are constantly obsessing about the STD. You start feeling helpless and think that everyone knows you have an STD and are judging you because of it. You may stop trusting the opposite gender. You need to calm down. Once you accept this, be thankful you went for STD testing. Go to a doctor regularly and take a medical prescription, gather information about your ailment, start healthy habits, and regain the control that you think you have lost. You will feel as alive as ever. Life will become normal. It is hard to think like that initially. But eventually, you realize it is all about taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising, and other prescribed routine habits- all the things that anyone should be doing anyway.

This shows that you must never shy away from STD testing before you indulge in sex and even after it. You do not have to shy away from dating either. Be honest. Tell them what you are suffering from. Explain that with proper precautions you can still have a normal relationship. Prepare yourself for rejection that other non-STD people face too. There are support groups and people who understand what you are going through and always lend a kind ear to listen to your troubles. You will see you are not the only one who got STD testing and came to terms with their problem. It is a setback that many others have faced. They simply do not revolve their thoughts or lifestyle around this disease, and you do not have to either.