Using Dental Hygiene Tools at Home

When people visit the dentist for a cleaning, the dental hygienist uses several different tools to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar. Dental professionals use a mouth mirror, probe, scaling instrument and polishing tool during cleanings. Dental hygienists also use an ultrasound instrument to loosen tartar and wash away debris. Although certain people who have sensitive teeth or gums may find professional cleanings mildly unpleasant most people are not bothered by professional cleanings. Those who are worried about receiving a rough dental cleaning should choose an experienced dental hygienist who has a gentle touch.

Teeth feel clean and smooth after a professional cleaning and the polishing treatment results in a brighter smile. Some dentists offer fluoride treatments, which strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Regular cleanings can prevent cavities, periodontal disease, gingivitis and bad breath. Since plaque and tartar build up over time, it is important for people to have their teeth cleaned at least once per year.

People who want to clean their teeth and gums each day can use dental hygiene tools at home. A high quality dental hygiene kit contains everything needed to remove plaque and tarter. People can purchase a complete dental hygiene kit that includes a mouth mirror, dental pick and scaling instrument. It is better to purchase stainless steel tools rather than plastic tools because stainless steel is highly durable and easy to sanitize after each cleaning session.

Dental cleaning tools are available in local stores as well as online. Using dental hygiene tools at home is a terrific way to keep the teeth and gums healthy but people should continue to visit the dentist for regular check-ups as well. It is also a good idea to use an electric toothbrush each day. A high quality product such as Crest Pro Whitening SpinBrush Toothbrush does an excellent job of removing plaque and any sticky foods that are stuck on teeth. Electric toothbrushes are a fantastic choice for children and some brands include a music feature that encourages kids to brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time.

Flossing each day removes any food particles trapped in between teeth. Crest and Scope have teamed up to create excellent products that are easy for anyone to use at home. Crest Glide Whitening Plus Scope Flavor Floss is gentle on gums and freshens breath. People who have trouble using traditional floss should try Crest Glide Floss Picks, which are very simple to use.

Understanding which dental hygiene tools and products work best for specific needs will help people to maintain a healthy smile and pleasant breath.