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Phobic Disorder Treatment and Management

Phobia disorder is a type of anxiety disorders that apparently involves phobias. A phobia is an irrational fear that makes a person avoids certain situation, subject or object that he fears the most. An excessive reaction is usually evident, and the person’s feelings are profoundly affected like that of increased anxiety level. Phobia disorder is […]

Mental Health – Obtaining a Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health professionals have a very difficult job. They must be able to diagnose a wide range of very difficult mental problems in the patients who visit them. This is especially difficult when one takes into account the fact that many of those who have mental health problems also have substance abuse problems. Are the […]

Coping Skills for Bipolar Disorder

Offering lists of medications and symptoms for people who are suffering from bipolar disorder can seem delightfully simple. But for the person who has been there understands that there is nothing easy about accepting and living with such chronic disease; and it’s just as significant to deliver the emotional and practical problems of bipolar as […]

Your Guide to Depression – Symptoms Of Depression

Unless someone is familiar with the symptoms of depression, it’s hard to diagnose.  Over 15 million Americans will suffer some type of depression this year and many will not even know that they have it.  Only 1/3 of the victims ever seek medical attention.  What makes depression so hard to diagnose?  Unlike depression, the answer […]

The Key To Healing Depression Hurts

When depression hurts, it can swing either way. It can jolt a person out of the depression, or it can get worse and develop into severe depression. There are hundreds of tragic stories about people who have been unable to handle the depression hurts. The pain can be debilitating in the sense that it prevents […]

What Should You Know About Chronic Depression?

Chronic Depression is also known as Dysthymia.  Although not as serious as Major Depression, this is a severe illness.  Many people don’t even realize that someone they know is burdened with Chronic Depression.  Typically someone with this illness can live a regular life.  They go to work or school and go about their everyday lives […]

Anxiety Signs and Symptoms

Everyone can feel anxious or worried at times in their life. This is a normal feeling that we all can have on occasion, and it is associated with anxiety. Anxiety can be good in a moderate amount. It can help us to respond to danger, and can also motivate us to excel at home and […]

Natural Treatments for Panic Attacks

It may shock you to know that some 6 million American adults have to deal with a certain degree of panic disorder in their life. Although that may not give you much comfort at least you can take heart in the fact that you are not alone in having to deal with your attacks. And, […]

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Good for you?

 If it appears that all the sit-ups you do religiously do nothing to rid you of that annoying and awkward stomach paunch, perhaps it’s high time to consider tummy tuck surgery. While this is a major surgical procedure, the effects are likely to be deemed really worth it by those who have availed themselves of […]

Effective Ways Of Beating Driving Anxiety

Many people suffer from the fear of driving, this is a very serious condition that can damage careers, relationships, family and even cause road accidents. This fear cuts across sexes although it is more predominant in women, it is characterized by overwhelming psychological and physical characteristics like sweating, feeling of losing control, dizziness, sweating, hyperventilation, […]