Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

You can’t afford to use bargain-priced moisturizer for sensitive skin. If you choose a cheap cleanser, chances are, you’ll be scrubbing sulfates into your pores and that’s a quick way to dry your skin into cracking and peeling. If you want to see a photographic smile staring back at you in the mirror, you need to find cleansing face wipes, and other skin care products that heal and maintain your sensitive skin.

The good news is that there are a number of effective products you can buy over-the-counter that will nourish your skin without taxing your bank account. Over the past several years, cosmetic companies and major skin care product producers have developed specialized lines of facial soap marketed as “all-natural,” “organic,” and “no synthetics added.” These products are often nearly identical to those on the shelves that don’t advertise the natural solutions.

Of course, there’s no falsification in the advertising, it’s simply that the traditional products typically didn’t have much that wasn’t FDA approved as “all-natural.” What this means to you, and your sensitive skin is nothing more than that, you don’t have to spend top dollar or buy products based on a label to get a great product. Instead, focus your search of getting cleansing facial wipes, lotions and scrubs that are fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

More than any other additive in skin care, fragrances and alcohols damage sensitive skin. You’ll spare yourself so many blemishes, zits, and dry skin patches if you avoid fragrance and alcohol it will be incalculable. The best news is that many companies are moving away from using alcohol in their skin formulas since even robust skin types rarely need the harshness of alcohol to scrub skin oils away and expose healthy skin.

However, you may still have a difficult time finding scent-free products. Fragrances are a major selling point for cosmetic products, and because a large swath of the market is unaffected by these scents, the production of aroma-free alternatives is much lower. Nonetheless, you’ll find inexpensive options at most drugstores and supermarkets. Alternatively, you can look online, narrowing your search to fragrance-free face wipes or other products to locate a vast selection for your skin.

It may be difficult to shop for products that take care of your skin, but if you take the time you’ll reap the reward. Few things are better than looking in the mirror at a reflection that’s blemish-free and visibly youthful.